High speed chase starts in Lancaster, ends with spike strips Maryland

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LANCASTER, Pa. –A chase that started in Lancaster ended over 38 miles later in Maryland after police deployed spike strips to stop a suspect in a stolen pickup truck. It started around 2:30am in the 1st blk. of Filbert St. A woman said her ex-boyfriend was banging on her door and screaming obscenities. Police arrived around 3:19am. The victim said her ex, Brian Caldwell, 47, would leave every few minutes, and then return, driving a truck around the block. After doing this several times, Caldwell got out of the truck and smashed in the front window of the victim’s residence. She said Caldwell circled the block several more times before he exited the truck and threw a piece of wood through the broken window, striking the victim in the head, causing injury. Police also received information that Caldwell had a warrant for his arrest in Delaware.

Police arriving on the scene saw Caldwell inside of a red 1993 Ford F-350 pickup truck parked in the block. When Caldwell saw the police car, he put the truck in reverse and drove southbound in the block, according to police. He then turned west into the 500 block of High St. and fled the scene. Caldwell tuned onto Hershey Ave. and fled south out of Lancaster City, refusing to stop for marked police cars with lights and sirens activated. Caldwell continued southbound on Route 272. During the pursuit, Caldwell drove in excess of 75 mph and repeatedly drove in the wrong lane into opposing traffic. W. Lampeter Township Police assisted by placing spike strips on the roadway on Rt. 272 at Penn Grant Rd. Caldwell’s vehicle hit the spike strips, but he continued to flee with some tires blown out. Lancaster Southern Regional Police and PA State Police also assisted in the pursuit. The pursuit continued into Maryland onto Route 1. Maryland State Police were notified and were able to set up an additional set of spike strips. Caldwell’s vehicle hit these and stopped a short time later on Route 1 near Route 136. He was taken into custody without further incident. The calculated mileage of the pursuit was 38.5 miles.

As the investigation continued, it was found that the truck Caldwell was driving had been stolen in January 2015 from Southern Regional’s jurisdiction. The arrest warrant through Delaware had been issued by Delaware Probation and Parole for absconding from house arrest, stemming from Harassment and Stalking charges.

Caldwell was charged with Simple Assault (Domestic Violence), Criminal Mischief, Stalking, Fleeing and Eluding Police, and Receiving Stolen Property by Off. Christopher Kophamel before MDJ Witkonis. He is currently being held for arraignment.