Charges dropped against local radio DJ accused of abusing infant daughter

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SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Charges against a former Hot 93.5 D.J. Samantha Dee Eary have been dropped.

Eary was accused of assaulting her then-four-month-old daughter in November.

She lost her job and important parts of her daughter's life after she was charged back in February. She was not allowed to see her 11-month-old child unsupervised.

Eary said, "I lost the last seven months with my child for the most part. She started crawling and I missed that, like I wasn't there for that."

But since charges have been dropped, she gets to see her daughter again without supervision.

In November, police believed her daughter's fractured skull had to have been caused by another person. Eary said she would never harm her daughter.

"They just assumed that one of us had done something intentionally," Eary said.

She was fired from Hot 93.5 after 10 years of working as a D.J.

"I knew what they did what they had to do as a business. I get it," she said.

She took a polygraph before her preliminary hearing and passed it. She was then told at the preliminary hearing that her charges were dropped based on new evidence. But Eary said everything happens for a reason, and she is happy she can see her daughter again.

"There was a reason I was let go. That job kind of kept me from my other children in a way because I'd be at work at 5 o'clock in the morning, so they would spend the nights with their father so that they could go to school in the morning. Now I have them all the time," she said.

She said she doesn't know what happened to her daughter, and she may never know. She is working part time at a restaurant and looks forward to having her kids for the summer.


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