Freight train derailment delays Amtrak trains

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A freight train derailed in downtown Harrisburg and caused delays for Amtrak passengers.

It happened just before noon Tuesday on the tracks just south of the Harrisburg train station.

No word on what caused the derailment, but crews have begun to move nine freight cars which left the tracks.

It looks like a jumbled mess to clean up, but no one was hurt and no hazardous materials were involved.

A Norfolk Southern spokesman said special crews are working on getting the toppled cars back on track, but exactly how long that will take is unknown.

Two Amtrak trains which were scheduled to arrive and depart earlier in the afternoon were delayed by the derailment.

An Amtrak spokesman says several of those freight cars needed to be removed from a switch so that full train service between Pittsburgh and New York City, known as 'The Pennsylvanian,' could get rolling again.

Two trains carrying about 230 people each were in limbo for a few hours. One train sat at the station waiting to depart, while another waited to arrive.

Passengers traveling on Amtrak's Keystone service were not affected.