Grilling tips with Applebees

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YORK, Pa.-- Grilling season is in full swing as the beginning of summer is just around the corner.

Today, Sara McElroy and Les Huffman from Applebees locations in Waynesboro and Chambersburg are demonstrating proper grilling on FOX43 Morning News.

The team will be preparing a steak, as well as presenting some of their other dishes, such as a 4-cheese macaroni and cheese, garlic green beans, fire-grilled vegetables and maple pecan mashed potatoes.

A number of factors go into making the perfect steak. Here are some tips from the experts at Applebees:

  • Let’s start with how you will cook your steaks – Applebee’s is now using wood-fired grills across the country, including the 33 locations in St. Louis.
    • This is the biggest kitchen renovation in our history
    • Our steaks, pork chops and salmon now have a subtle, smoky flavor to them
    • You’ll smell the wood-fired grills from the parking lot … and the grills impact about 40% of our menu
  • Ensure the grill is hot, give it 20/30 minutes to warm up. Check that the heat is evenly distributed – At Applebee’s our wood-fired grill not only impart flavor but the wood also helps the steaks cook evenly.
  • Use a timer – Applebee’s cooks are preparing a lot of steaks each night, but they are still using a timer to ensure that each steak is cooked to perfection.
  • Doneness by touch – only for the daring … many home chefs will just touch the surface of the steak to check for doneness. – At Applebee’s we want to be sure each guest receives a steak just as they ordered it, so we use a timer.