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“It’s important to do it right,” when it comes to installing a pool

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YORK, Pa.-- An eight-year-old girl is still recovering after being shocked in a pool in Cumberland County. We looked into seeing how to keep you safe.

Buchmyer's Pools store owner Ken Buckmyer said that shouldn't happen.

"There are only three or four things that I could say would even remotely cause this problem," he said.

He said one of the most important things to do is to have the pool bonded properly. Bonding is similar to grounding the pool.

"Light fixtures, any metal," York Township Code Enforcement Officer Keith Lutz said. "All those pieces of metal get bonded."

He said pools are inspected by townships when they are constructed. In ground pools are inspected twice, once during construction and once after.  Above ground pools are inspected once after construction. Lutz said even temporary pools need to be inspected after construction. He said many people don't realize the ones they by in boxes need to meet codes.

"Those are they mechanisms so you as a child or whoever will not get hurt," Buchmyer said.

He said other safety measures should be in place on pools. G.F.C.I. switches should be in place to stop the electricity if water hits it. This is why Buchmyer believes something was not wired correctly at the pool where the girl got shocked.

When it comes to have your pool installed, Buchmyer said to leave it to the experts. It's better to have to pay a higher cost than possibly cut a corner.

"There's nothing more important than family or friends or relatives," he said. "It's important to do it right."

Buchmyer said companies will come out to your pool to open and close them for the seasons. This is when they can check to see if anything is wrong with the pool.