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Maryland man jailed 2 to 6 years for rape of Susquehanna Township minor

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John Haulsee

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. –  John Haulsee, 24 of Maryland, pleaded guilty on February 24, to numerous sexual crimes against a 15 year old minor in October of 2013.  In Dauphin County Court this morning Judge Scott Arthur Evans sentenced Haulsee to 2 years to 6 years in a state prison.

Haulsee was also sentenced to a consecutive term of 8 years probation to follow his prison sentence.  Judge Evan’s sentence was consistent with a negotiated plea which had the approval of the victim and her family.  In addition as a result of his conviction, Haulsee is required to register for the rest of his life as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

The charges stem from a Susquehanna Township Police Department investigation that began after the victim’s mother discovered a message on her daughter’s Facebook account.  In the message, the daughter revealed to a friend that she had been raped. During the investigation, the mother called and confronted Haulsee about the sexual assault.

During the phone call, Haulsee admitted to having sexual contact with the victim.  Haulsee was 21 at the time of the assault.  When the victim was interviewed she indicated that she was assaulted on two separate occasions.  She stated that Haulsee had sexual intercourse with her, against her wishes, in a car and then on a separate date forced her to perform oral intercourse upon him while they were both alone in a basement.

The victim’s mother, in a statement provided to Judge Evans, explained how her daughter suffers from bouts of extreme anxiety and how Haulsee, knowing this fact, exploited her daughter’s fragile situation.  Chief Deputy District Attorney Seán M. McCormack indicated to Judge Evans that his office agreed to the negotiated plea agreement to spare the victim from testifying at trial given her fragile state.

The victim also wrote a statement which was provided to Judge Evans before sentencing.  In her statement, after explaining that as a result of this incident she “doesn’t feel beautiful any more”, she wrote “I will continue to fight this event that still haunts me today.  I will overcome this one day and when my boyfriend calls me beautiful, I will believe it, whenever someone says rape, I won’t cry.  I won’t be afraid to get close with my friends.  I won’t let you haunt my dreams anymore.”