York City police warn residents of vehicle break-ins

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YORK CITY, Pa- In the last few weeks, Officers from the York City Police Department have responded to an increase in vehicles being broken in to and thefts from vehicles.

Reports of break-ins and thefts has been taken from vehicle owners from all over the city.

Thefts of items in plain view, to car doors left unlocked. And in some case, doors and windows damaged or broken.

While officers are investigating these incidents as leads become available, vehicle owners are reminded to be vigilant as to the location they park and the status of the vehicle.

Owners are encourage to take away every possible opportunity for their vehicle to be a target.

  • Secure or remove items from vehicles.
  • Avoid hiding things under coats, blankets and car seats.
  • Make sure your vehicle doors and windows are locked and secured
  • If you owned a vehicle with a car alarm, make sure it is working properly, but not overly sensitive.

The Department also suggest that you be mindful of new faces in your neighborhood, people lingering around vehicles and homes for a long period of time.

If you call, please be able to give good descriptions.