York County DA Tom Kearney not seeking re-election; Endorses Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday

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York, PA – York County District Attorney Tom Kearney announced on Tuesday, May 31 that he will not seek a third term as District Attorney in the 2017 primary election.  During District Attorney Kearney’s inaugural election in 2009, one of his campaign promises was to only hold the office of District Attorney for two (2) terms; today he is upholding that commitment to the York County voters.  Kearney’s office is known throughout the Commonwealth as “doing more with less and doing it better,” prosecuting approx. 8,500 cases each year while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget.

Dave Sunday“We have made remarkable progress in my vision to attack the problem of drugs and gang violence in our county,” Kearney said.  “The work is not done, and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday has been at the forefront of both prosecution and community education awareness.  There is no one more diligent and qualified to take on the challenging role of York County District Attorney.  Dave is dedicated and will be relentless in the fight against drugs and crime in our community.  With a high energy prosecutor such as Dave Sunday as District Attorney, the streets will be cleaner and safer for everyone.  Today I endorse Dave Sunday’s bid for the Republican Nomination for York County District Attorney in 2017,” Kearney stated.

“Tom Kearney’s endorsement of my candidacy for the Republican Nomination for York County District Attorney is an honor and privilege.  His mentorship to me personally, his ability to operate a fiscally responsible office and his passion for the safety of all in our community has been an example that District Attorneys everywhere should admire, and I will continue to emulate as District Attorney,” Dave Sunday said.

“The most important issue in York County continues to be the drug trade as it is the driving factor of violence, theft and other crimes related to substance abuse.  Drugs are affecting many, and are devastating the family unit in every corner of York County.  The Port of Baltimore is known as the Heroin Capital of America and York County is Ground Zero North,” Sunday stated.  “Our proximity to Baltimore via Interstate 83 serves as the primary access point for heroin into our community.  Additionally, our vicinity to Philadelphia and New York compounds the problem with their respective drug trades,” Sunday said.

In 2014, York County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Dave Sunday co-founded the York County Heroin Task Force (YCHTF) with Coroner Pam Gay to combat this problem by forming a partnership of community, medical and government agencies dedicated to reducing the abuse of heroin in our communities.  The YCHTF seeks to educate our citizens regarding the prevalence of the heroin and prescription drug problem, signs and symptoms of addiction and the available treatment resources in our community.  The goal of the YCHTF is to reduce drug related deaths and crime in our communities through public education, advocacy, media, law enforcement and legislation.

“The YCHTF is a pioneer program as it was only the 2nd such heroin task force in the Commonwealth. Together Dave, and/or Pam, along with other YCHTF members have presented more than 85 public and private presentations on York County’s heroin epidemic in the last 22 months.  Other community entities have also spun off from or partnered with the YCHTF and are helping to bring additional heroin and prescription drug education into York County Schools,” Tom Kearney stated.

“For the first time, successful prosecution of multiple cases of drug delivery resulting in death are occurring and are a key example of our team’s collaborative efforts in fighting to get heroin dealers off our streets.  Additionally, local community partnerships to fight heroin, such as the Mason Dixon Task Force which formed in the Delta area are further evidence of what the local community and the YCHTF have accomplished together,” Dave Sunday stated.

“As the Chief Deputy Prosecutor of Major Crimes and Felony Drug cases, my qualifications and real world experiences prepare me to continue my fight on the front lines for York County (Ground Zero North). The YCHTF that we’ve built has become a force for good in our community and we must not lose momentum.  I’m excited and poised as to what we can accomplish together,” Sunday stated.

“York County has never had a more experienced and well prepared individual to take on the role of District Attorney as Dave Sunday.  With the team in place, the future of York County will be in the right hands,” Tom Kearney stated.

“I am a strong believer in preparation, and though the campaign will not begin until early 2017, there is an organizational phase that must begin now.  As part of this phase, I have filed my committee organization with the Elections Office, and I’m pleased to announce Tom Kearney as the Chairman of my campaign committee and Jared Mellott, Esq. as the Treasurer of my campaign committee. Currently representing Carroll Township as a Republican Committee member, I look forward to supporting the Republican ticket this November,” Dave Sunday stated.