York County firefighters go above and beyond for accident victim

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MANCHESTER TWP. , Pa. - For some, riding a bike is a leisure activity; for a patient of York Area United Fire and Rescue his bike is his only means of transportation and on May 31 he crashed.

"The guy had some type of medical event and ended up crashing his bike. They tended to him like we normally do. Waited for an ambulance and once the ambulance got there. We loaded him up, just like we do a couple hundred times a year, and he was leaving but we did notice his bike was still laying in the weeds" said Capt. Richard Brocius.

It was a hot day. Brocius and his partner had yet to eat and they had already been on multiple runs. Still Brocius decided to put the patient's bike in his truck and take it to his house.

"The guy said he was pretty hard up for everything and was basically homeless. He did have an address which we got from police department and got the bike up got it in the truck and made sure it got back to his house before he got out of the ER," he said.

After the incident, members of Brocius' crew made a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

"Hold the door for the person behind you. Don't be so impatient to pull out in front of somebody in traffic because you don't want to wait. The world is in a weird place that it is in a hurry to get nowhere. The whole moral of this event was to let people know that we care and other people care and we still want to help," added Brocius.

The patient is continuing to look for a job and is staying with family.

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