Clearfield residents pull together to clean up after storm

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A 76-year old Clearfield woman explained to WJAC-TV that her backyard became a raging flood last Thursday. Sara Zeigler, who had to be rescued by boat, said her house is a total loss.

"It was very surreal - it literally looked like a raging river going through the backyard," Zeigler said.

Now, Clearfield residents said, the community is pulling together to clean up the storm damage. However, some damages are too far gone to repair. There are homes, vehicles, and local businesses completely destroyed.

"Well, I'm 76 years old and I've never gone through anything like this," Zeigler said. She had to be rescued from her home during the flood, an experience, she said, she'll never forget.

"You think whether you're going to make it or whether you're not," she said. She said she had thoughts of not being able to swim, as she watched the water get deeper and deeper.

"Finally someone came through the backdoor, and told me they were there to help me," she said.

Officials showed up in a rescue boat to take Zeigler, who had been planning to spend the rest of her years in this home, to a safe location. Her house is now a total loss, along with everything in it.

"My daughter passed away in 2007, and I had all her stuff stored in the spare room now that's all gone. I had all her pictures and all her paintings, I can't replace what my daughter gave me. I cherished everything she did," Zeigler said. "Yeah it's tough but the help from the good Lord and everyone else I'm going to make it."