Limited Time: Play Millionaire Raffle, Get Mega Millions Ticket Free

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Middletown, PA – For a limited time, Pennsylvania Lottery players who buy a ticket for the 4th of July Millionaire Raffle will receive a free, $1 Mega Millions® Quick Pick ticket.

“Now is an ideal time to play both games, as the Mega Millions jackpot for Friday, June 10, has rolled to a $280 million annuity value or $186.5 million cash,” said Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this special promotion while it lasts.”

The 4th of July Millionaire Raffle, featuring the Pennsylvania Lottery’s best chances of winning a $1 million prize, will be drawn a few days after the holiday; on Saturday, July 9, 2016. Tickets will be sold until 8 p.m. on the drawing date or until sold out.

Only 500,000 tickets are available for this game, which features 6,000 cash prizes totaling more than $5 million. Tickets cost $20. The game’s prize levels are:

  • Four prizes of $1 million
  • Four prizes of $100,000
  • 100 prizes of $1,000
  • 5,892 prizes of $100

Each ticket features a unique, eight-digit number issued sequentially as tickets are sold across the state. The first ticket sold is number 00000001 and the final one available is 00500000.

If all available tickets are sold, each $20 ticket offers a 1 in 125,000 chance of winning one of the $1 million top prizes. The overall chances of winning any prize are 1 in 83.33.

Winning Millionaire Raffle numbers will be randomly selected from among ticket numbers sold. To be considered a winning ticket, the number on the ticket must exactly match a winning number selected in the drawing, with all digits in the same sequence.

On the drawing night, winning Millionaire Raffle numbers will be announced after 10 p.m. at Players should also check their tickets using scanners found at Lottery retailers.

For the convenience of players who like to pool their ticket purchases with others, Millionaire Raffle Pool Play forms are available on whenever the game is on sale.

Mega Millions, a multi-state jackpot game, is drawn Tuesdays and Fridays. Details on how to play Mega Millions may be found at