Palmyra woman was stabbed, strangled according to autopsy report

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LEBANON, Pa. — An autopsy on the Palmyra woman police say was killed in her home by her son on Monday confirms she was killed by multiple sharp force injuries and strangulation. The report, by Lebanon County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Yocum is consistent with the account given to police by the accused killer, Jacob Taliaferro. According to court documents, Taliaferro, 17, called 911 just after 5am and reported that he had killed his mother. Lori Ann Demko was found on the floor of her bedroom in her home at 850 East Cypress St early Monday morning.
He told the EMS dispatcher that she had been dead for some time. Taliferro told police he stabbed his mother in the chest and then took a piece of rope and strangled her until she died.
Taliaferro says he then watched television, took a shower and eventually called 911 to turn himself in to police.