Sanders campaign poised to cut half of its staff

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Bernie Sanders speaks to supporters in Santa Monica, California.

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is expected to cut half of its staff Wednesday, the campaign told CNN.

“The primary is over except for DC,” a campaign source said, referencing next week’s primary, and added that the dismissed staffers will be getting severance.

The layoffs were first reported by The New York Times Tuesday night.

As the presidential race reaches the end of the primary season, the campaign has not moved to staff key general election battleground states, and little appears in the works beyond recent promises to fight on to the convention.

The news comes as Hillary Clinton embraced her presumptive nominee status after wins in California and New Jersey on the race’s final Super Tuesday contests. Clinton is the first-ever female major party presidential nominee.

One former Sanders staffer described it to CNN more as jobs ending, as opposed to being laid off. There are no more states and little money, the staffer said.

Field staff have been leaving over the last few days, as there are fewer events to plan and carry out.