Heroin dealer handed 3 to 7 year sentenced in plea deal

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Maurice Williams

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Maurice Williams pleaded guilty on Wednesday to two counts of Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin and Crack Cocaine in exchange for a sentence of 3.5 – 7 years in state prison.

The charges resulted from an incident on Monday, February 8. On that day Dauphin County Probation Officers saw Williams, who was under probation supervision, and made contact with him.

Williams appeared nervous and gave consent to a search of his person.  In his pocket was a bag of heroin and $2,777. Probation officers accompanied by Williams went to his residence where the probation officers saw marijuana and drug paraphernalia in plain view.

Harrisburg Police were contacted to conduct an investigation.  Once officers arrived, consent to search the residence was obtained.  Inside a bag in the living room, officers found 173 bundles of heroin, 50.5 grams of crack cocaine, two digital scales and black rubber bands.