Suspect charged in brutal beating of Hanover man found unconscious

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Donell Talley

HARRISBURG, Pa. – March 27 at 3:02 a.m. Harrisburg Police responded to the 2100 block of Logan Street for a reported assault.  Officers discovered a vehicle that was occupied by two individuals with a separate male, Adam Jones, lying on the back seat.  Jones appeared to have been assaulted and he was unconscious.  EMS was summoned and Jones was transported to Hershey Medical for treatment with severe head trauma.

Adam Jones

Adam Jones

One of the individuals with Jones told police that Jones and Donell Talley, 46, had walked up the 2100 block of Orange Alley alone to go to a party.  The two others with Jones stayed in the vehicle while Jones checked out the party.

Less than a minute had passed when the two individuals who were still at the car heard the sound of glass breaking and Talley returned without Jones.  Talley told them Jones was attacked by a group of males.

The two individuals ran up the block and found Jones lying on the ground bleeding from the head. The two individuals and Talley picked Jones him and carried him to the car.  Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

Today Harrisburg City Police detectives arrested Talley at his residence in Lower Paxton Township.

Talley has been charged with Robbery and Aggravated Assault in the incident.