Man shot outside baggage claim at Dallas’ Love Field

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DALLAS – A police officer shot a man Friday outside baggage claim at Dallas Love Field Airport, a witness told CNN.

The condition of the victim is not known.

Witness Bryan Armstrong said it appeared the man was approaching the officer with a large rock when he was shot.

An officer told the man to “drop the rock and stop walking,” but he continued to approach the officer slowly as people came through the terminal door unaware of what was happening, Armstrong told CNN.

Nine shots can be heard on a video Armstrong posted to Instagram. A woman is crying in the background of the video as someone screams, “Get down!”

After the sound of gunshots, a male voice can be heard shouting, “Stay down, stay down!”

In a statement from officials:

“A disturbance occurred outside the baggage claim area. The disturbance which officials believe was a domestic disturbance between a woman and someone who appears to be her significant other. The man was attacking the woman with rocks. An officer was alerted to the disturbance and was rushed by the gentleman with the rock. The officer separated himself from the individual, but that person came towards the officer again. The officer discharged his weapon multiple times, the suspect was struck and taken to the hospital. When he left he was believed to be conscious. He has not been identified yet. Officials say there were people in the security line which were startled and they went through the security line without being checked. Everyone was taken out of the secure area and re screened. The airport has not been shut down.”