Man murdered inside Carlisle American Legion

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CARLISLE, Pa. — Carlisle Police  are investigating a homicide that occurred inside the Haines Stackfield American Legion around 12:45 Saturday morning. Police say about 20 people were inside the Legion when the shooting happened.

Man found gunshot wounds CarlislePolice say 30-year-old Daniel L. Harris was shot, in the chest, while sitting in a booth. Police rendered medical aid, but say Harris was already dead.

"This wasn’t two guys at a bar fight, okay. Two guys get into a fight, they’re drinking and somebody pulls out a gun and shoots somebody. Those things happen. This was a deliberate; I'm coming in, there’s my target, I'm going to shoot you," said Interim Police Chief Stephen Latshaw.

No arrests have been made; the investigation continues.

"We need information . We need the community's help to help us catch this guy and put him in prison. He needs to be in prison. He’s a killer," said Latshaw.