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Retreat Day held to help deaf Catholics connect in Cumberland County

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. - A Catholic priest who serves the Archdiocese of Boston is ministering to the deaf community in Cumberland County. Father Shawn Carey led Retreat Day for deaf Catholics in Mechanicsburg.

Father Carey is one of 14 deaf priests worldwide. The entire retreat is held in American Sign Language with no voice interpretation. It gives the deaf hope to continue to practice their faith despite not always being able to communicate in a church.

"Because I'm a deaf priest, it will give the Catholics in this area an opportunity to see other deaf priests and really connect, that's why I'm here," Carey said through an interpreter. "It's wonderful to be here."

On Sunday, June 12, Father Carey will hold a mass with voice interpretation as Saint Joseph Church onĀ 400 East Simpson Street in Mechanicsburg.