Golf Tip of the Week: How your thumbnail can help your golf game

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This week, FOX43 heads to Dauphin County and Dauphin Highlands Golf Course for the Beasley Ford FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.

We chat with their Director of Golf Instruction, Tim Birney and he explains to us on how your thumbnail can help you hit the correct shot.

“When most people get around the green, they start losing strokes around the green. When I get to the green, I’m trying to gain strokes so when I am off the green in this area I am always going to use my putter because it will go straighter and more on line where I want to go.

But if I’m farther back, I will use my putting grip and my putting stance but I am not going to use a putter. I will use either my 48 or my 52 degree wedge. But the key to this shot is making sure when I look down at my club and my grip that my thumbnail stays in the same relative position so if it turns this way I see my thumbnail moving this way, its moving the other way. So I’m trying to hold it in the same exact position that controls the face of my club. So I line up, I’m watching my thumbnail, I make my putting stroke and through the shot."

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