Lancaster duo facing felony charges after search reveals $35K in heroin, guns and cash

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LANCASTER, Pa.– A Lancaster Township couple is facing felony charges after detectives uncovered and raided a heroin-trafficking operation last week.

David Lausell Jr., 25, and Jaelle Ndamage, 26, are charged with felony counts of drug-dealing and conspiracy. Lausell, a convicted felon, is also facing four felony

Items retrieved during the search of the couple's apartment.

Items retrieved during the search of the couple’s apartment.

gun crimes after two handguns were found in his vehicle.

After a lengthy investigation, Lancaster County Drug Task Force raided the couple’s apartment in the 700 block of Marietta Avenue on June 8. That search uncovered 540 grams of heroin with an estimated street value of $35,000, $4,000 in cash, 14 different cellphones, scales, surveillance cameras that filmed the exterior of the apartment and two facemasks that are believed to be used in processing heroin.

The following day, detectives searched Lausell’s Ford Taurus and found two handguns, which he is not legally able to possess with previous felony charges.

Lausell was taken to Lancaster County Prison on $1.5 million bail, but told detectives, “when I get out, I’ll be the big man again. You can’t stop me. Good luck finding all my money. I don’t care what the judges set my bail at, I am going to make it and be out.” Referring to a potential prison sentence, Lausell said, “I can do five years standing on my head.

NDamage hired a bondsman to post a percentage of her $250,000 bail.

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