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Thousands of people attend Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- Jubilee Day is back in Mechanicsburg! The street fair comes to Cumberland County every third Thursday in June.

But this year the rainy weather looked like it might prevent people from heading out.

Gray clouds and sprinkles of rain came down on the people attending the 88th annual Jubilee Day on Main Street, but officials said this actually worked in the fair's favor.

John Anthony, the chair for the Jubilee Day Committee, said, "With the weather like this, people will stay because they're cool and they'll keep walking the streets and enjoying all of the different music venues that we have going on."

The one-day street fair brought in about 70,000 people to the borough, and this year was no different.

People came out to eat, play games and have a good time. The dreary weather didn't seem to have an effect on either vendors or visitors.

Dick Schlenker, a representative for the Personal Energy Transportation project, said, "We're having a great crowd out here today. So I don't think it's hampered at all."

Curtis Brillhart, a visitor, said, "The food, the fair, I mean people like just walking down the street you know it's one day a year and I don't think anything is going to stop them, not even a little bit of rain."

People who attended said they think the fair would still have a great turnout even if the weather got worse.

"It's a day that's engrained in this town and all the towns surrounding. So I think even if it did pour, people would still be out here. I've been here plenty of years where it's been pouring and this place still gets pretty busy," Brillhart said.

The fair goes until 9 p.m. Thursday.