York County child’s death could affect welfare agency’s license review

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YORK, Pa. -- The death of a child in York County has officials taking a closer look at the County's Office of Children, Youth and Families. The state and county are reviewing the case, while the state is inspecting the welfare agency in regard to its license.

The recent death of 3-year-old Isabella Godfrey could affect the state's review of CYF. Godfrey's mother, Regina Lester, is accused of killing her in Jackson Township.

The county and state are conducting a child fatality review, but it could affect the county's license review as well.

Cathy Utz, the deputy secretary for the Office of CYF with the Department of Human Services, said, "One of the things that we do look at as part of our review is were there any areas of regulatory noncompliance? So were there any licensing issues? And it could potentially impact a county's license."

The Department of Human Services is responsible for licensing the county children and youth agencies. If a county receives a provisional license, the department conducts an inspection of the office every six months.

York County is on its third provisional license and is undergoing its fourth inspection.

"There is some concerns around the quality of the safety assessments and risk assessments that were conducted and that we had concerns about the level of supervision that was being provided to case workers," Utz said.

If they receive a fourth provisional license, they will have one more inspection, and if they county fails, the state will take over.

"If we went this route with the county, it would probably be one of the first times that we issued a fourth provisional that I'm aware of," Utz said.

We reached out to Terry Clark with York County's CYF, but he did not return our calls.

The results of the fourth review of the welfare agency will come out in the next few weeks.

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