Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board opens enrollment for online order portal to all Retail Licensees

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Licensee Online Order Portal (LOOP), an Internet-based system developed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) that allows licensees to order wine and spirits at any time from home or office, is now available for 15,000 retail licensees to use.

“LOOP brings a new level of functionality and convenience to bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other retail liquor licensees across Pennsylvania,” said PLCB Chairman Tim Holden. “Not only does LOOP replace an archaic ordering system of phone calls and faxes to stores with a web-based portal offering 24/7 access, it also affords licensees new visibility into product sales and promotions, which can be used to plan purchases around sales and achieve cost savings. Additionally, LOOP offers customizable tools and reports that can help licensees manage their business.”

Previously, a licensee could only place orders for wine and spirits during normal business hours, by contacting a local store. Through LOOP, orders can be placed online at any time of day and on any day of the year, and emails to users confirm receipt of orders, order availability for pick up and final order invoices.

LOOP includes a number of useful features that make it easier for licensees to manage their business, including:

  • Visibility into real-time inventory within stores and current and upcoming sale prices;
  • The ability to compare products by price-per-ounce;
  • Order templates for regular weekly use or to facilitate special orders for holidays and other events;
  • User roles that can be established for order creation, review and submission;
  • The option to create orders in advance and save and submit them later; and
  • A variety of reports and exportable data detailing up to two years of order history and expenditures by week.

The PLCB developed and tested LOOP for more than a year, before opening enrollment to all licensees. An extensive pilot program engaged a cross-section of licensees across the state – pubs, hotels, chain restaurants, casinos and others – to help design and test the system. So far, it has generated positive feedback from users.

“LOOP’s interface is easy to use and a powerful business tool for our Food & Beverage team,” said Craig Clark, general manager of Rivers Casino, a licensee in Allegheny County that participated in the pilot program and helped shape the online ordering platform. “Rivers Casino is a 24/7 operation, so our Food & Beverage department appreciates the instant notifications regarding sales, stock and delivery.”

LOOP offers additional value and convenience to higher-volume licensees through its Licensee Delivery Program (LDP). LDP offers direct delivery of wine and spirits to licensees that order at least 20 full cases. Delivery charges range from 50 cents per case to $1.50 per case, depending on order size.

“In total, Rivers has saved more than $50,000 year-over-year on our orders” through LOOP and LDP, Clark said. “We would highly recommend other businesses sign up, because LOOP delivers a tremendous impact to your business’ bottom line.”

SOURCE: PA Liquor Control Board

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