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‘Like a shooting from a movie,’ York home riddled with bullets with family inside

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YORK, Pa. - Police are investigating an early morning shooting in which two houses were hit with dozens of gunshots.

“It looked like it was a shooting from a movie,” Angel Pagan, who lives in one of the homes hit by gunfire, said.

Pagan was getting around for work around 4 a.m. Friday when gunfire erupted outside his home on Edison Street in York.

“[You] could hear basically the bullets come through the wall,” he said. “We don't know if they came in a car or running, we just know we just heard gunshots came out found a lot of shells on the floor.”

The reminders of the shooting are everywhere: windows, doors, even a ricochet or two at street level.

Pagan says he thinks there may have been multiple shooters. He counted about seven shots that hit his house.

“Actually one of them came in and penetrated my mom's room and went through the wall and went through her dresser so it was pretty serious,” he said.

Another 30 hit the house next door, but once the initial fear and shock subsided, “I kind of felt angry at the same time because I do have a one year old son and that's my everything,” he said.

Pagan said he does not understand why his house and the house next door may have been targeted in this case.

“This block is pretty calm and everybody knows everybody in this block so I really don't see why it happened,” he said.

But there is a sense of relief for Pagan and his family that somehow, no one was killed or wounded.

“The bullets that came in through that wall were pretty close to the couch,” he said. “If somebody would have been sitting there, it's at the angle that it would hit you in the head.”