Community comes together to remember 9-year-old girl killed in Adams County

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LITTLESTOWN, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.-- A little girl was murdered in the past weeks, and tonight the community of Littlestown came together to honor 9-year-old Codie Powell.

Dozen of people met at the Alloway Intermediate School, where she would have started in the fall.

People shared stories about her, with her mother present, who was also shot during the murder suicide. A picture of Codie was signed by people who attended the vigil.

Event organizer Shannon Hall said her daughter played soccer with Codie, adding this event gives closure to the children who knew her.

"Children need to say goodbye," Hall said. "I thought this would be one way we could all come together."

Balloons and bubbles were released at the vigil as well. Hall said the vigil brought a great sense of community.