Wall at Howard Tire & Auto Shop in Harrisburg collapses into business again

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HARRISBURG, Pa - Howard Henry, owner of Harrisburg-based Howard Tire & Auto Shop, said he checks his building after every storm. Henry diligently inspects it, since a wall, which is property of The McFarland building,  a month ago collapsed and crashed onto his business.

When he look for signs of structural damages the morning of Saturday, June 25, he said he found more debris.

"The car is now in the building and not on it," Henry said.

Prior to Saturday morning, the car was sitting on the roof.

"How much more will I have to endure through this, and be tested by this," he said.

Henry estimates about 60 percent of his tires are stored in that part of the building. He said its cost his business about $25,000 to $30,000.

"For me not to access it, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars we cannot access," Henry said. "Daily, we are not selling tires as a result."

Henry's building initial damages are estimated at $730,000 before this latest accident. He said with his insurance policy, he is not covered, and his claim was denied.

"To say this has caused us a little bit of hardship is a little bit of an understatement," Henry said.

Henry, whose trying to figure out what he's going to do with 100,000 pounds of concrete on his floor, said he is afraid it could get worse.

"Now all of it is resting inside my building, and I don't know if that floor can bare that kind of weight," Henry said. "I'm concerned I'll come in and find it in my basement, which is two floors down from here."

After more than a month of no action, Henry said he wants to see the problem resolved and soon.

"It's just time," he said. "It really is time for someone to come and be responsible and show some integrity."

Henry said he's reached out to meet with the owners of The McFarland building, which is owned by Primavera Properties, and there has been no meeting yet.

There is no word on when cleanup will begin. Henry said his business will continue to operate.

We called the City of Harrisburg and The McFarland building for comment on the latest damages, but neither party was able to be reached for comment.

PennDOT did an investigation earlier this month and determined they were not at fault.