Harrisburg condemns buildings near wall collapse

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -  The city's Codes Bureau has condemned the eight-unit apartment building at the McFarland, as well as the vacant storage building at 1127 Mulberry Street and the rear tire warehouse at Howard Tire.

McFarland L. P. , owner of the 8-unit apartment building and parking structure at 200 Crescent Street were ordered to evacuate the apartment building as soon as possible, as the structure is considered unstable, according to a city news release.

Several residents told FOX43 they have not heard much of anything from management since the wall collapse, and had to find out about the notice to condemn the building from reporters gathered outside on Tuesday.

McFarland had been cited for not complying with a Notice to Correct issued to them on May 16th.

The wall at 200 Crescent Street collapsed on May 5th.  A second collapse occurred on June 25th after no action was taken to stabilize the structure following the first collapse.

Howard Henry, the tire shop owner, said he was happy the city finally took some action, even if it meant part of his property had been condemned.

He told FOX43 Tuesday that he is bringing in an engineer tomorrow to see if there is any way his inventory in the warehouse can be accessed to move it to another part of the building.

The Codes Bureau had mandated that the apartment building remain vacant until a geotechnical engineer deems the structure stable and determines surrounding soils and geology completely stabilized.

McFarland is also responsible for the stabilization of the affected parking lot underlying soils and to remove all debris deposited on adjoining property by the collapse, the city said.

When work is completed at 200 Crescent Street, owners of 1127 Mulberry Street and 205 S. Cameron Street must determine if they will repair the structures or demolish them.

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