Mother and son charged after ten horses seized in Lancaster County

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CONESTOGA, Pa. - Crystal Davis and her son, Joseph McMillen, both face 12 charges each of cruelty to animals. On May 2, investigators seized ten horses from their rescue called "A Life Saved in a Life Saved".

"Basically all of them had various medical conditions. Most of them scored a body what of a 2 or 3 when a 5 or 6 is ideal for a horse," said investigator Sue Martin.

Martin is the director of the Lancaster SPCA. The horses are now in the SPCA's custody and at an undisclosed farm in Lancaster County.

"All of them have gained anywhere from 150-200 pounds. Basically, it was just feeding them a normal diet that they should have had and they all popped up to the weight where they should have been originally," said Martin.

Davis' lawyer says she pleaded not guilty. They intend on being at court on July 29. Davis would like to have some of the horses back. Her lawyer says others have already been adopted by other people.

"If she’s found not guilty she could receive the horses back and if that is the case that is something that the judge has to determine. It’s pretty much I investigate the case and it’s up to the judge to determine the outcome of the horses and the case," said Martin.

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