‘What he did for this city will never be forgotten,’ Remembering York philanthropist Louis Appell Jr.

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YORK, Pa. -- Prominent York businessman, philanthropist, and community leader Louis Appell Jr. has died at the age of 92.

Appell was a longtime president and CEO of Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff.

Many people will remember Appell for his work outside of the office.

Whether people knew him personally or not, there are very few people live in the area whose lives aren't touched by the life of Louis Appell, one way or the other.

Many are mourning his loss as the community's loss.

Louis Appell jr. meant many things to different people. A man people refer to respectfully as Mr. Appell.

Downtown Inc. Acting Executive Director Tim Miller "I knew Mr. Appell pretty well. I worked with him for about 6 years working on downtown revitalization efforts. he was definitely one of the shrewdest champions, and the most enduring figures in our city.""

York County Community Foundation President and CEO Jane Conover said "I will miss Louis being the eyes and ears for our future."

Whether its public or private development projects, non-profit organizations and public spaces, much of the present state of York city is a result of the groundwork Appell laid in the past.

"That needed that startup capital, to be able to come into being and make a real difference in our community, dozens if not hundreds of those all began in part because Mr. Appell was there," Miller said.

"But he would not want to take the credit for it. He was a humble person, often times behind the scenes, as a catalyst for action, and inspiring people," Conover said.

Appell touched many lives, many careers, and many businesses. He was also a pioneer in broadcasting. As president of the Susquehanna Radio Corporation, he led the development of WSBA-TV,which later became WPMT, FOX43.

Appell's vision for the future of York made him a strong supporter of the arts.

Creative York Director of Marketing Laura Abbott said "what Mr. Appell has told me in our meetings, he talked about the young people coming in and making a difference. A lot of these initiatives are led by young professionals, and he said he liked to see how the young people are making a home here."

People may not see his name on buildings around town, but many say Louis Appell will always be remembered.

"There's no way of replacing Mr. Appell. Another one like him will never come along. What he did for this city will never be forgotten," Miller said.

"Thank you seems to small, for somebody who did so many great things for York ," Abbott said.

Many credit Appell's vision for saving York City from ruin, and that he had a way of forging the right connections to shape York's future.

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