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A cool place to work on a hot day

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YORK, Pa.-- Wednesday was a day where finding a place to stay cool was a necessity. The steamy weather had dozens of people seeking comfort at the Splash Pad in Red Lion.

"It's very hot," visitor Trish Wade said.

Kids played in the water, splashing to keep cool. This is not where we went to beat the heat. Instead, we went somewhere so cold, we need our winter jackets.

"Here is a pleasant 18 degrees," Ed Neuman, owner of Good Time Ice in York said.

If that's not cold enough for you there were other rooms even colder. We found one where the temperature was 11 degrees.

"We also have a room that's down at zero," Neuman said. "Sometimes I get to visit a colder room, if I get really hot."

Now, not every employee is able to enjoy the chill and ice. His drivers sweat it out with the rest of us.

"My driver's particularly don't like when people at stores tell them they have a cool job," Neuman said.

For business, right now is one of their biggest times of the year.

"The first 10 days of July are our busiest time of the year," he said. "July 4th to the iceman is what Santa Claus is to Christmas."

When the weather gets like it was on Wednesday, they need to make sure they don't let the product melt. The last thing they want is an indoor swimming pool in the factory.

"Your mom yells at you when you leave the door open in the winter," Neuman said. "We get after people quick if it's open and there not going in and out at that point."

The steamy forecast is expected to be around for the next few days, and that's fine with Neuman.

"It's great. I can go in and out as I please," Neuman said.

He said during a busy part of the year, they can produce about 150 tons of ice in a day.


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