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Black Lives Matter 717 holds demonstration in Lancaster

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LANCASTER, Pa. - More than a hundred activists held a demonstration in Penn Square Friday afternoon to renew calls for law enforcement to end lethal use of force and to stand together as one united community.

"When we just silently let things go without lifting up our voices, then we're complying with the system," Kevin Brown, a local pastor, said.

Organizers planned the event prior to five police officers being murdered at a protest in Dallas. Though they feel what happened in Dallas is awful, they feel there is still a major issue with police brutality.

"Our all in 2016 needs to include black lives and to specifically be able to come out and say 'Black Lives Matter'," said pastor and activist Kevin Ressler.

A diverse crowd came together to support each other and send a message that they will not let these shootings become the norm.

"I do not want to become complacent and I don't want people to think that this is business as usual, and I do believe that we have an opportunity to be a community that can redeem this moment," Rev. Dr. Susan Minasian said.

Organizers hope that those who attended will do more than just listen to what was said and actually put it to good use to make their community a better place.

"It makes your mind wonder what's going to happen to you and it makes you want to do something, and it makes you want to give an outlet like this to people so that they don't have to resort to violence," Sophie Roman, one of the event organizers, said.

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