PA Pump Primers hold annual muster in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Dozens of fire trucks rolling through the streets of Harrisburg on Saturday weren't on their way to put out fires, instead they were part of the Pennsylvania Pump Primers Muster Parade.

120 antique firetrucks were in the parade for children and adults to enjoy.
When 65 of the trucks got to Riverfront Park, they drafted water from the Susquehanna River and shot streams back into it. Other trucks were on display at the park. Organizers say it's a way of preserving history.

"We believe that when they're all down, we do what's called mass pumping and its the largest mass pumping event in the United States. This is reliving history, it's actually preserving history, and like I said, the kids, this is the only way they're going to know with a lot of this stuff here," said Muster Co-Chairman James Derstine.

This was the 41st year for the parade.

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