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Inmate loses bid at shortening sentence after forming plan to kidnap District Judge

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LANCASTER, Pa.– An inmate has lost his bid at reducing his prison sentences and is set to serve up to 50 more years in prison.

Anthony Davis, 31, is in the midst of serving a 20 1/2 to 41-year-term for kidnapping a Mount Joy family when he formed a plot in 2014 to capture a Dauphin County district judge and possibly his life. The plan involved a ransom demand exchange for Davis’ release from prison.

The plan was never carried out,and two of Davis’ former cellmates testified that Davis had formed and instructed them on how to carry out the plot with detailed instructions.

A Dauphin County judge sentenced Davis to 10-20 years for his plan, which is to be served in addition to his original sentence. Last week, the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld the conviction, meaning that Davis will serve at least 20 more years for his crimes.

The state court found that Davis’ history of violent crime and a failure to change his ways while in prison led to them ruling for the consecutive term.

Rehabilitative efforts have failed, the high court opined, because Davis had planned to commit the “same violent, terrifying crime for which he was already imprisoned.”