Splash pad in York County creating controversy

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RED LION, Pa. -- A park in York County is creating quite a splash.

Red Lion borough council members and people who live in the area said they are hesitant to take their children to the Splash Pad in Fairmount Park.

Residents are worried about the water sanitation for their children. They said toilets overflow in the park and can contaminate the water in the park.

Kathy Horne, who is related to Nevin Horne - one of the council members, said, "If the toilets don't flush right that'll flow out toward the splish splash and obviously you'll have that there."

Some have stopped taking their kids to the park altogether.

Ashley Ziegler of Red Lion said, "I personally don't take my children there because of how overpopulated it is."

And they don't think their voices are being heard by council members.

"There was only one council member that seemed to take into consideration what I was saying," Ziegler said.

That one council member is Nevin Horne. He said the council should look at the issue of overcrowding and upset by contamination.

"I'm listening. And they're not gonna make me go away," Nevin Horne said.

But others don't think it's a problem because someone comes out to check the water three times a day.

Tony Musso, the public safety committee chairman, said,
"The DEP would have been all over this borough if there was something wrong. They would have shut us down just like that."

People don't want the park to shut down, but they want what is best for the community.

"The splash although it's an excellent thing to have in the community has issues of just what's safe," Horne said.


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