Attorney General Lynch to testify about Clinton meeting

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During US Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Tuesday testimony, she was questioned on subjects that ranged from the San Bernardino shootings to Lynch’s personal meeting with former President Bill Clinton.

The House Judiciary Committee returned to questioning presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton about her use of email.

Part of dialogue exchange:

Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican”The information that was on her server that we have to presume now it’s in the hands of hostile foreign actors, do we have to handle it as if that’s the case and if so, didn’t that endanger our national security?”

Loretta Lynch, Attorney General

“Congressman, I think you’d have to look at the facts of the matter and determine whether or not there had been access and, as the director indicated, I believe he’s responded to that.”

Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican

“It is a very serious matter and it has been covered up.”




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