Vigil aims to bring community together

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LANCASTER, PA-- Rachel's Cafe and Creperie said they view their customers as a community. On Friday, they took action to unify the community after the tragedies in the past few weeks.

"I was shocked," barista Olivia Hertzler said. "You always kind of think these things are going to end, but they kind of keep happening."

Looking around the restaurant, one can see that another attack in France tugs at their emotions.

"It really resonates deeply with us because we get a lot of idea from that area," Hertzler said.

On Friday, the restaurant hosted a candlelight vigil for the community to come together in an act of unity.

"Remembrance of the different tragedies that happened lately, both here and abroad," Rachel's Cafe and Creperie owner Rachel Adams said.

People gathered outside the restaurant. They lit candles and placed them under the Eiffel Tower that sat outside in the parking lot.

"We're getting together tonight to celebrate we're all in this together, Hertzler said. "Also to kind of pay our respects to the people who didn't make it through."

The group came together for an hour of peace.

"We're all equals," Adams said. "We're all here for a small period of time. In the long run, it's just too sad to waste that time with hate and violence."

Both Adams and Hertzler said they hope the people gathered left with a feeling of unity and community.

"I think that's the good that can come out of these negative things," Hertzler said.