Central Pennsylvania law enforcement reacts to recent police shootings

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- The recent shooting in Baton Rouge, La. on Sunday left three police officers dead and local law enforcement on edge.

Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler said, "It's shocking and very disheartening, and the entire profession feels it when officers get ambushed."

In addition to the recent shooting in Baton Rouge, five officers were shot and killed in Dallas, Tex. earlier this month.

Sadler said the problem is that officers are sometimes stereotyped, especially after two recent police-involved shootings.

He said, "To make the assumption that every police officer out there is either a criminal, or a murderess or racist, it's just not accurate."

But Sadler said that doesn't apply to everyone, and many people in Lancaster are very supportive of the police.

Pennsylvania State Police issued a statement regarding their reaction to the shootings.

Trooper Rob Hicks said, "Our jobs are inherently dangerous, so regardless of what the societal climate might be at this time, we must always remain vigilant. That being said, there have been no major changes made at this time."

But other police departments may be taking extra precautions.

Sadler said off-duty law enforcement sometimes will help on-duty officers if they are alone at night.

"It's not uncommon for off-duty officers to stand by in case they need assistance. And I would submit that that's happening more so than not recently," he said.

Sadler said more police departments may start doubling up when going out on assignments.