President of the Turkish Cultural Center Pennsylvania believes the worst is yet to come

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HARRISBURG, Pa -- The aftermath of a failed military coup in Turkey hasn't brought much comfort to many in Pennsylvania's Turkish community.

The president of the Turkish Cultural Center Pennsylvania believes the worst is yet to come.

Turkey's president Erdogan has pointed the finger at Pennsylvania resident Fethulla Gulen as being the man responsible for the coup attempt.

Fallout from the failed coup, thousands of miles away, hits close to home for Turkish Cultural Center Pennsylvania president Sait Onal.

"Of course, my family members, some of them are supporters of Erdogan , and they think he's doing good, but some of them are concerned about the direction the country is going to, but it doesn't matter which side you're on, you're in danger," Onal said.

Turkey's president Erdogan laid blame blame for the failed coup at his former ally, Gulen, who is now in exile in Pennsylvania.

"He told them Gulen is acting with America, he is a CIA agent, he's trying to undermine the Turkish government," Onal said."

As the world watches the events unfold, Onal asks the international community to question what information about the attempt.

"So who gains from this, now? He got rid of all the opposition in the army, and on the judicial side, overnight, we don't know. Nobody can even question if these people are guilty, did the really get involved with the coup attempt". Onal said.

The disturbing scenes make it difficult for some to see an to the violence.

"It is not looking good for turkey, or Turkish people, unfortunately the rule of law is not being followed, as we can see clearly, what happens next I don't think is going to be a lot of positives coming out of this," Onal said.

Onlal also believes there is hope.

"Thank God everybody is safe, but I don't know how long it's going to stay. I don't know if this is going to go on, unless we support a strong Turkey. Democracy is very important, we can not turn back from democracy," Onal said.