Middletown man uses billboard to boost job search

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MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - Daniel Seibert has his elevator pitch down pat.

"Your employees are happy, but I can make it better," he says. "I could show you gaps in your hiring process to make it more efficient, cheaper for you, the employer, but also help you find better employees."

His resume is polished for someone fresh out of graduate school. But it has not been enough to get him a job in the human resources field.

So, with the help of his family, there is now a billboard on the corner of Route 322 and Mushroom Hill Road in Swatara Township with his face and phone number on it.

"It puts me out there in a way that emailing a resume can't," he said. "What I'm doing right now is not working out too well for me, so why not, let's do it, let's go for it."

Daniel's mom, Barbara, who owns the small business where he currently works, saw a magazine article about a man in England who paid for a billboard to get a job, and dozens of offers later, found a job. It gave her the idea to do the same for her son.

"It's very difficult as a mother to see that he's not getting a job," she said. "I mean, he's putting out applications, he's going to interviews, he's willing to relocate anywhere."

Daniel says the job-seeking process has taught him a lot about himself.

"I've faced failure in my life before, everyone has and it's something you learn to overcome, but this seems like something that I haven't been able to overcome yet," he said.

So far, the billboard has generated a few solid job prospects. Anyone interested in hiring Seibert can call (717) 944-4712.