Being a mascot in this hot weather

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- The heat was on in Harrisburg in on Saturday. For Harrisburg Senators' mascot, Rascal it was another day in the office. Roxanne Walter is in her second year as the mascot. She said inside the costume is hotter than outside.

"In the costume, probably about 110-120," Walter said.

The costume is not ventilated.

"I don't have air conditioning in my costume," Walter said. "I don't have a fan."

She works with handlers to make sure she get a break when she needs them.

"Most I'll probably spend a half hour in the costume, and then take a 20 minute break," Walter said. "I usually to do 15 minutes in and 15 minutesĀ  out."

"Super important, at least 15-20 minutes," Senators' community relations director Blair Jewell said.

During breaks, Walter gets treated well.

"That air conditioner is set as low as it can go," Jewell said.

Walter said she's worked in hot weather before. She learned how to prepare the hard way.

"I remember one day where it was 95 and I didn't really eat a lot before so I kind of passed out from heat," Walter said.

Walter learned from that day and was ready for today.

Now I know to eat something and drink a lot of water throughout the day," Walter.

At the end of the day, Walter may have to sweat in the costume, but she said it is worth it.

"It's great," she said. "The kids are always excited. It's always great to have small children want to hug you."

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