Weekend heat: hottest weather of the year

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The 90s continue this week.

90S CONTINUE: We close out the weekend with another humid day in the mid 90s.  The combination of heat and humidity will make it feel as if it were in the 100s again in the afternoon.  We get the same weather on Monday with one change: scattered thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon and evening again to cool some of us off.  If you get one of those storms, expect some heavy rain and gusty winds.

SLIGHTLY “COOLER”: Monday’s afternoon and evening thunderstorms come with a weak cold front.  How weak is it you say?  It’s so weak…that it only “cools” us a few degrees.  Instead of upper 90s on Tuesday, we get mid 90s.  It does chip away at the humidity a bit.  So, it won’t feel as oppressively humid on Tuesday, but it will still feel humid.

The 90s continue through Friday,

The 90s continue through Friday,


MORE 90S: The humid weather and the 90s continue through Friday.  After a sunny and dry Tuesday and Wednesday.  We’ll get a few thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening.  Then, we get more widespread thunderstorms Friday afternoon and evening.  These storms come with another weak cold front.  At least this front knocks us down to the mid 80s for next weekend.

We get more afternoon thunderstorms on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

We get more afternoon thunderstorms on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.


HEAT FACTS: Did you know that heat causes the most weather-related deaths?  If you can, limit physical activity in the heat or take plenty of water breaks.  As you know, cars heat up fast in the summer.  Ever wonder why?  I made a short video for my introductory meteorology college class explaining how cars act like greenhouses.  Watch it here.

Excessive Heat Tips

Take it easy outside over the weekend.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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