Vet locks himself in crate to raise money for Pet Pantry of Lancaster County

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MANOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A medical director of a local animal shelter is behind bars. But not to worry, it's all in an effort to raise money to help animals in Lancaster County.

Brian Langlois from the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County was "sentenced" to raise money for the organization for his "illegal dog poke playing ring."

He spent nearly 48 hours inside a large crate this weekend while trying to raise bail money.

"The money that's donated will go towards outfitting our mobile unit that we have with the necessary veterinary equipment so that we can go out on the road and really help out a lot more animals in need in Lancaster County," Langlois said.

The Pantry raised more than $4,000. The judge has the director on "parole" and will allow donations to continue to come in until Monday evening.

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