2 arrested for rash of burglaries in Dauphin County

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Osvaldo Cordova-Santiago (Left) and Adiel Lopez-Rosario (Right)

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa.–Two men were arrested and charged Thursday in connection to three burglaries in Dauphin County.

Osvaldo Cordova-Santiago, 26,  and Adiel Lopez-Rosario, 37,  both of Harrisburg, are each charged with robbery,  criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, two counts of burglary, two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit burglary, receiving stolen property and possession of instruments of a crime.

Both Cordova-Santiago and Lopez-Rosario were taken into custody by Derry Township Police. The men were wanted out of Lower Paxton Township for two daylight burglaries which occurred between noon and 1 p.m. on Thursday.

The first happened along the 4500 block of Locust Lane. The homeowner came home to find his front door had been kicked and two men inside. According to the victim, both suspects pulled knives on him and then ran from the residence while pointing a rifle at him from inside their vehicle.

A short time later Cordova-Santiago and Lopez-Rosario were spotted in a stolen vehicle after a second burglary in East Hanover Township. They were arrested after a vehicle pursuit with the Derry Township Police Department.

A third burglary was later discovered along the 5000 block of Locust Lane.

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