Not everyone was excited for Clinton visit to Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- It wasn't too hard to find supporters of Hillary Clinton in Harrisburg on Friday. Now there were also people near the Broad Street Market that are not fans of the former Secretary of State.

"She belongs nowhere near the White House," David Delp of Harrisburg said.

He believes that Clinton's policies would be similar to President Obama.

"Same polices. Same ideas," Delp said. "Same disastrous open borders."

He wants change. His views were echoed by Republicans Friday afternoon, including U.S. Congressman Scott Perry. He took issue with her not mentioning the fight against ISIS, after an ISIS supporter was arrested in Harrisburg in December.

"They didn't even mention it at the convention, and she doesn't mention it," Congressman Perry said. "This is happening in communities all around the world, and it happened right in our own community. This is an issue for us."

According to Perry, Clinton's time as Secretary of State proves she is not a competent leader. He listed several policies and actions that he claimed were failures.

"You look at Libya, which is now a failed state," Perry said. "We look at what happened in Benghazi and the loss of four lives."

Other Republican supporters spoke at the press conference as well. Many agreed with what Congressman Perry had to say. They all criticized the Democratic Presidential candidate. Dauphin County Trump Coordinator, Maria Mercardo Haste, said she wants a president that will keep her safe.

"My son is 16, and a couple of his friends signed up for the military. Just knowing that they can be fighting makes me nervous," she said. "With her in charge, makes me more nervous."

A third party supporter was also outside the Clinton rally. He told us that people need to think outside of just Trump and Hillary. Policies, such as, Trump's wall and Hillary's handling of Libya prove neither candidate is right to serve the country.

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