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Family remembers Lebanon mother killed in Maryland flash flood

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DOVER, Pa. -- Flash flooding in Ellicot City, Maryland killed two people over the weekend, including a mother from Lebanon.

Saturday night started as a fun night out in Ellicot City for some of the women in one central Pennsylvania family.

Just before they left, Jessica Watsula dropped off her daughter Sarah at her brother's house.

Curtis Brubaker Jr.'s last words to her, show how much he and his family loved her.

"She had a very infectious personality. I mean, if you were around her, you probably are going to like her. She just was very contagious anywhere she went," Brubaker said.

Just one of the many reasons Brubaker was so protective of his little sister Jess.

"She was getting ready to leave, and I said 'hey, give me a hug.' I said 'hey, you never know, something could happen.' She said 'nothing will happen,' and then she went to the door and said goodbye to my niece," Brubaker said.

Watsula along with Brubaker's wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law were on their way to a painting party in Ellicot City.

"I always did this with my sister. I'd always come back to the door and shout out 'hey, make sure you're not speeding, be careful, it's raining out.' I gave her my whole big brother spiel, waving her off and then that was the last time I saw her," Brubaker said.

Watsula was killed in a flash flood that struck the small town Saturday night.

""i think the entire family is extremely blessed that out of just our little group, it wasn't four tragedies, it was one,"" brubaker said.

now her friends and family are remembering someone who was impossible to forget.

"She was a bundle of energy. I know I've said this a lot but she was like a little 5'1"powerhouse," Brubaker said.

Having lost his sister, Brubaker hopes to find some of her belongings, especially her cellphone.

"If that data could be extracted, if people could get that back, I know I would love to have my sisters phone. I know my whole family would because there are going to be irreplaceable pictures, and video on there," Brubaker said.

Memories and inspiration for Watsula's daughter Sarah, who will now grow up without her mother.

"She's got all of us. She's got an awesome dad, and I know Tom's going to be doing everything he can to raise her to be an awesome fine woman like my sister was," Brubaker said.

Whether people knew her as Jessica, Jessie or Jess, Watsula's big brother called her 'awesome.'

"Very outgoing, driven girl, and she was just full of life," Brubaker said.

Friends of Jessica Watsula have taken to fundraising for the family.

One family friend set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for Sarah's college when she get's older.