York Area Regional Police host National Night Out

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DALLASTOWN, York County -  It's for from a typical day for York area Regional Police officers, but National Night Out is a big annual event for the department.

It's held every year as a way for the police officers to step out from behind the shield and talk to people.

"This is the perfect time for them to come out and see us and actually talk to us on a whole different level," said Sgt. Peter Montgomery with the York Area Regional Police.

YARP officers have hosted the event for seven years in a row.

This year, at Dallastown park, about 500 people from showed up.

Officers say they can't ignore what's happening around the country, where tensions between police and civilians are high.

"I know that there's a lot of negative press on police, but I believe that's a very small percentage of what happens out there," said Sgt. Montgomery.

He says he doesn't feel that tension in York county and thinks these events help that.

"There are several police officers here in uniform and out of uniform. I feel extremely comfortable."

Many people, like Nichole Shoff from Yoe, say they were happy to come out to meet and support police.

"You get to know the officers by face and name, so if you see them out if makes it more personable."

Some people use the night out as a teaching event for kids, to learn that police officers can be fun too.

Tammy Keefer of Dallastown said, "They can help you if you need help and that they're around if you need them."

York Area Regional Police officers say they are involved in many community events throughout the year, but add that National Night Out is a favorite.