Fact or fiction: scrapple ice cream?

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Craving that delicious Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple in your ice cream? The rumor that Wegmans Food Market has a new item – scrapple ice cream – is, unfortunately, for scrapple lovers, not true.

Scrapple is a traditional mush of pork scraps or other meats stewed with cornmeal, and shaped into loaves for slicing and frying. A false floated rumor that it was blended into a new flavor of ice cream and sold throughout the national grocery chain was news to store employees.

Bob Finn, Wegmans store manager in Silver Spring Township, Cumberland County, said Friday morning he was unaware of the rumor. He added that he had not received any communications from Rochester, N.Y. headquarters.

“Nothing to my knowledge,” Finn said about soon storing the ice cream in his freezers. “It’s some type of hoax, or something.”

Best known as an American food of Mid-Atlantic states, scrapple is something Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia residents are most likely to eat.






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