Harrisburg business plays along with Trump’s “war zone” statement; seeks donations

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - By now, Donald Trump's statement earlier this week likening Pennsylvania's capital to a "war zone" has been heard by many in the city, but one business is taking things a step further.

Pavone, a Harrisburg advertising and marketing agency, has created a tongue-in-cheek GoFundMe page seeking monetary donations for supplies.

The "scars of hardcore military conflict are everywhere," the site reads. "For example, Pavone employees have to drive at least 10 minutes for good Thai food. There have only been two new craft breweries to open in Harrisburg this summer. And Harrisburg still lacks an Urban Outfitters."

"We're trying to raise money to help us live and work right here in this so called war zone," David Shoffner, a senior PR strategist with Pavone, said. "We're proud of our city. We're proud to be a business here, so when we were faced with a story that might be sort of upsetting for a lot of people, we decided we were going to stoke the fire. We were going to have a little fun with it."

All joking aside, the page has raised some money. But the money isn't really going to buy charcuterie platters and batteries for XBOX controllers, two of the things listed on the fundraising page.

"It has a list of items on there that we're looking to raise money for, beard wax, tires for our bikes and things like that, again, very tongue-in-cheek, but the money will go to local charities that need it a lot more than we do," Shoffner said.

The agency will decide which charities will receive the funds soon.

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