Lancaster County company works with U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Team

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LANCASTER, Pa. – The U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Team spent a day, in Lancaster, working with Triode Media Group to go through media training and to create promotional videos. For the first time in history, the United States is sending a full team of table tennis players to the Olympics. The team is made up of three men and three women ranging in age from just 16 to 24. In February, the team came to Lancaster to prepare for the media side of the big stage.

“It was just shocking to me how fast they move. There were times when I would be looking at raw footage and it would look like it was sped up, but it was just how fast they’re moving.It was a very cool experience and opportunity to know that even here in Lancaster we get to work with athletes of such a high caliber,” said Rachael Herman,Triode Media Group.

Kids from the Lancaster Rec program had a chance to play with the team. Depending on the draw, the team could have their matches as early as Saturday.

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