Pa. Turnpike closing overnight between Breezewood and Carlisle Interchanges

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The Pa. Turnpike Commission (PTC) advises motorists that the toll road will be closed in both directions overnight on Aug. 7 between the Breezewood, Exit #161, and Carlisle, Exit #226, interchanges. Crews will begin by closing the westbound entry lanes at Carlisle Interchange at 11 p.m. on Aug. 6 followed by the eastbound entry lanes at Breezewood Interchange at 11:30 p.m. This will allow traffic to clear the roadway prior to the full closure at midnight which will then reopen at 4 a.m. on Aug. 7.

This 65-mile stretch of toll road will be closed for four hours to allow crews to safely remove the overhead bridge that carries Taylor Road, T-432, over the Turnpike at milepost 176.35 in Taylor Twp., Fulton County. The bridge will not be rebuilt, but cul-de-sacs will be added to both sides of Taylor Road per the township once demolition work is finished. Work schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions and other circumstances.

The recommended detour for westbound motorists; exit at Carlisle Interchange, take State Route 11 north to I-81 south (58 miles) to Maryland to I-70 west (I-81, Exit MD #4), (48 miles) to State Route 30 east and reenter the Turnpike at Breezewood Interchange.

The recommended detour for eastbound motorists; exit at Breezewood Interchange, take State Route 30 west (.3 miles) to I-70 east (I-70 exit MD #26), (48 miles) to I-81 north (58 miles) to State Route 11 south to reenter the Turnpike at Carlisle Interchange.

Alternate route cards will be available to exiting travelers at both Carlisle and Breezewood interchanges during the closure. Expect higher traffic volumes on the detour roads during this time. Message boards will be in place to inform customers of the closure.

It is estimated the detour will add about an hour of travel time and about 41 additional miles to the trip.  Such an extensive detour is required because shorter alternate routes cannot safely accommodate the diverted traffic volumes.

Traffic entering the Turnpike at Fort Littleton, Exit #180, Willow Hill, Exit #189, and Blue Mountain, Exit #201, interchanges will be allowed on the system to head eastbound only. No westbound travel will be permitted from these interchanges once the closure is in effect.

Sideling Hill Service Plaza at milepost 172 which serves both eastbound and westbound motorists will remain open during the closure. Motorists will be able to exit heading west anytime, while eastbound customers will need to remain at the plaza until the roadway is reopened. Blue Mountain Service Plaza at milepost 202 which serves westbound motorists will remain open during the closure, but customers will need to remain at the plaza until the roadway is reopened.

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